Peemer Logo Romb

The Phone Mirrors Design Company is a Polish manufacturer of hand-made mirrors and other phone accessories. The idea was born due to our own needs and experiences. The company’s flagship product is Peemer. Peemer is a shatterproof mirror that can be attached to a phone and other mobile devices. Peemer is a product used on a daily basis and additionally can be treated as a new type of jewelry thanks to many color variations and decorations with Swarovski crystals. It is intended for woman of all ages, teenagers and it also finds its customers amongst men. The combination of a phone and a mirror turns out to be extremely practical. Our phone is always with us, and a mirror is constantly hiding in the corner of a ladies handbag. The size of the mirror was specifically designed to fit any smartphone/ iphone. Peemer is a must have of every modern woman. Every day we come across a situation in which we need to fix our look – even in the dark. The design specialists are working on many patterns and materials of the mirrors in order to meet the needs of every woman. The product is made of metals, precious metals and synthetic materials. The combination of practicality of the mirror with the artistic design allows us to create new trends which will develop quickly in the fashion & beauty industry. Periodically we will offer products from limited offers. With the expansion of the company we plan to expand the range of product we offer to new accessories for women.