Peemer Cleaner / Screen cleaner

Peemer Cleaner is an adhesive sticker used to clean phones, tablets, glasses and PEEMERs. The cleaning part of the PEEMER cleaner is made out of microfiber so it can successfully remove dirt such us make-up, fingerprints, and dust without scratching the surface. Peemer cleaner is reusable and can be washed in a washing machine. Thanks to a variety of designs, PEEMER cleaner is a trendy phone addition for women, men, and teens.

How to use Peemer Cleaner?

Stick PEEMER CLEANER with the adhesive part on the back of your phone or other device.

Peel PEEMER CLEANER and clean the phone with the microfiber cloth.

If necessary, wet the adhesive side and let it dry to restore the adhesive properties.